Notes from March 2017 meeting

Called to order at 11:29 am, Allan Kent and Pat Vandenberg’s place in Mendon, MA.


Ann Catelli, Donald Eastlake, Jill Eastlake, Richard Fine, Stephanie Fine, Allan Kent, Judy Mitchell, Susan Smith, and Pat Vandenberg.

Officer reports:

President – Judy Mitchell – happy that people showed up.

Board of Directors – still working on the vote for the Press Committee.  There is someone, Marianne Pease from Greater Columbia, will run for President of the ICG.

Ozma has redesigned the website. See

Vice President – Jo Mary Orttung – not here.  No report.

Treasurer – Susan Smith – Finally replaced her computer and has started to rebuild the membership list.  (Random rat hole about Windows 10.) Did send out an email last night and please read it.  Dues must be sent in real soon now to the ICG.

Susan did get our report in on time.

Dreamhost renewal was due March 11.  John Francini paid it and we need to reimburse him.

We still need to find out how and to transfer our website to be part of the ICG family.  That would be “free”.

Secretary – Jill Eastlake – here.

The ICG Annual Meeting will be held at CC35. Costume-Con 35 will be held at the Hilton Mississauga Meadowvale, in beautiful Mississauga, Ontario, Canada on April 20-24, 2017. See

We have blank proxies here for members to sign.  If you aren’t at the meeting, proxies can be found at and mailed by snail mail to Judy or Jill at their home addresses.  Please have them sent to arrive by April 17th.

Old Business:

Pat mentioned last month that perhaps we can continue/finish our Victorian Costume projects. The discussion is along the lines of where and when to where costumes to a holiday party, replacing our occasional December holiday party.

Perhaps we could visit the Plymouth Plantation at Thanksgiving when they do Victorian and enact our characters there.  Pat will look into it.  Sturbridge Village is also a possibility.  Ann may get the “hall” that her square dance group owns where we could meet for free in Sturbridge.

Pat – Plymouth has many food activities.  Running $46 to $100 for non-members and members, and more depending upon the meal.  Membership is $10.  There are many activities available there.  All food are 1620’s themed.  The Sunday brunch with Santa is modern.

Ann – Old Sturbridge Village is themed approximately 1790-1850’s.  Alternatively, the Salem Cross Inn for a meal. Featuring racks of meat being braised where you can see it.  Family style.

Pat/Allan – Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon has just built a banquet hall and they would cater.  The Zoo is closed during the winter.  The banquet hall is available all year.

New Business:

Discussing Workshops.  See Judy’s email.

Rich would like for Jerome to teach us how to scrounge.

Judy wants to learn needle felting.  She knows Merle Insinga who lives in Nashua, studio in Lowell’s Western Avenue Studios, who does tapestry art work using felting.  Judy is planning to talk with Merle about this for a nearby date in the next couple of months.

From Allan’s books, Ann will research how to make various knots/frog fasteners, without Allan’s books.

Rich will email a url for the Sick Pups’ workshop list to the Noel email list.

Jill this is a url on how to make a rickrack rose, easy and really cool –

Convention Reports/Announcements:

Costume-Con 37 will be held in Danvers, MA, 22-25 March 2019.  Aurora and Sharon are co-chairs.  They brought registration forms.  The hotel has an indoor waterpark.  There was some discussion about the convention.  Some of the highlights are:

  • there will be a One Pattern Contest
  • there will be a Future Fashion Folio
  • there will be a Future Fashion Show
  • there will be an SF & F Masquerade
  • there will be an Historical Masquerade
  • there will be a Dealers’ Room
  • there will contests, fan tables, and more…

Heliosphere – Rich and Stephanie were there.  It was a nice convention in New York, run by not Lunarians.  There wasn’t a Masquerade Show, but there was a Masquerade Ball.  They had a “Hamilton Sing-a-Long”.  It was at the DoubleTree in Tarrytown, so there were chocolate chip cookies.

Upcoming: Anime Boston, Albacon, Lunacon


Susan – NE Quilt Museum – see–events.html  ​Saturday, March 25 at 11 am “Gothic to Goth: Romantic Era Fashion and Its Legacy” presented by textile and costume historian, Lynne Zacek Bassett.

Show & Tell:

Ann showed her yarn mitts, hat, shawls…  See photos.

Rich showed “Baker Street Irregulars” by various authors, including David Gerrold who was GoH at Heliosphere.

Next Meetings:

Judy will ask Merle when she is available, hopefully in April or May.

The Watch City Steampunk Festival is May 13, 2017.  It was suggested that many of us go, sort of together.  See

June 10 at Eastlake’s.  Workshop tbd.  In Old Business, discuss a holiday meal somewhere.

Adjourned at 12:32 pm.

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