Notes from May 2017 meeting

Called to order at 11:30 am, Allan Kent and Pat Vandenberg’s house in Mendon, MA.


Ann Catelli, Donald Eastlake, Jill Eastlake, Richard Fine, Stephanie Fine, Allan Kent, Judy Mitchell, Susan Smith, and Pat Vandenberg.

Officer reports:

President – Judy Mitchell – here and hurting. Just keeping busy.

ICG Board of Directors – we have a new President, VP and Recording Secretary. Marianne Pease from Baltimore is the new President. The new VP is Mera Babineaux, also from Baltimore, and Skyped in. Jeanine Swick continues as Treasurer. Tonya Adolfson continues as Corresponding Secretary. And Ann Davenport is the new Recording Secretary. See

Vice President – Jo Mary Orttung – not here. No report. Will maybe make it to the July meeting.

Treasurer – Susan Smith – our stuff got in on time.

Secretary – Jill Eastlake – Sharon and I did meet with Philip Gust at CC35 enough to start the process of moving our website and email list to the ICG sponsored site. After CC, Phil followed up in email telling us the information required to accomplish the move. Lin Daniel and John Francini did the work required with Sharon, Judy and myself paying attention.

The website has been moved as is. Most of the pages are old data. I did post this year’s meeting notes. The entire website needs work. I do, though, recommend that we finish the forwarding process with Dreamhost and get some of our annual fee back. The work to update the site is going to take some time.

The email list has been moved. Now John, Sharon and myself can all maintain it. John has put forwarding on the old list to the new one.

This is the address for email: The old email address will forward, but it’s best to put this into your contact list and get used to using it.

Go ahead and pull the plug!

Old Business: Nothing that isn’t covered in another section of these notes.

New Business:

Pat suggested that there might be venues for a holiday party where we would all dress up, something like our two outings years ago for High Tea at the Boston Park Plaza Swan Room (now closed) and at Concord’s Colonial Inn (still happening!):

Last month Debi suggested doing a group costume for CC37 based on Bollywood. Might be historical, or not. This idea has taken off and there will be postings about it from Susan and possibly Ann. For now, see for a collection of materials by Ann. Debi may be bringing more information and/or videos to watch at the meeting in June.

Convention Reports/Announcements:

A number of us went to Costume-Con 35 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. See Ann was part of Rae Bradbury’s entry which won an award. Donald and Jill were part of Pierre and Sandy Pettinger’s entry, which won an award. Photo of the Eastlakes attached.

Costume-Con 36 will be held in San Diego, CA next year. See

Costume-Con 37 will be held in Danvers, MA, 22-25 March 2019.  Aurora and Sharon are co-chairs.  They brought registration forms.  The hotel has an indoor waterpark.  There was some discussion about the convention.  Some of the highlights are:

  • there will be a One Pattern Contest
  • there will be a Future Fashion Folio
  • there will be a Future Fashion Show
  • there will be an SF & F Masquerade
  • there will be an Historical Masquerade
  • there will be a Dealers’ Room
  • there will contests, fan tables, and more…

No one here made it to the SteamPunk Festival.

Judy went to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival. Lots of walking. Bought lots and lots of stuff. See

Ann to the New England Square Dancing Convention on Saturday. It was fun, and didn’t actually dance her feet off. A friend put 22 miles on his FitBit. I believe this is the link:

Show & Tell:

Ann showed things she will be making new dolls with, thin ribbons, vintage white clothes that can be seen through.

Susan showed multitudes of photos of interesting Indian clothing after the meeting. She will be sending a list of links to this list.

Next Meetings:

June 10, 2017, 10am breakfast, 11am meeting, noon or so Workshop will be more on Bollywood and possible videos viewing.

Since this will be a long session, please plan on lunch as well. More information to follow.

No future meetings were set.

Adjourned at 12:39 pm.

Today’s Workshop is talking about Bollywood.


Following that a few people returned to the dining room to make hat pins.



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