Notes from June 2017 meeting

Called to order at 11:28 am, Donald and Jill Eastlake’s house in Milford, MA.


Alexis Berlinguet, Ralph Calistro, Ann Catelli, Debi Chowdhury, Donald Eastlake, Jill Eastlake, Richard Fine, Stephanie Fine, Lisa Hunt, Allan Kent, Judy Mitchell, Susan Smith, Betty Trugman, and Pat Vandenberg.

Thank you to everyone who cooked and brought food!

Officer reports:

President – Judy Mitchell – the BoD has been quiet, no activity.

Vice President – Jo Mary Orttung – not here.  No report. Will maybe make it to the July meeting.

Treasurer – Susan Smith – as usual, our stuff got into the ICG on time.  Susan is currently putting together documents that ICG needs to file the GEL report, due in July.

Secretary – Jill Eastlake – my hand is healing.

The website is in transition and changes occasionally as Jill and Sharon have the time and inclination.  Send suggestions to the email list. See

This is the address for email: Jill is maintaining the mail list.

Old Business:

Holiday parties.  Pat mentioned to Judy that Pat is willing to host a High Tea at her house for Christmas.  December 10, 2017 at 2pm.

Next year we would aim for Indian…

Bollywood, later…

New Business:

Make dolls – Ann wants people to make dolls and enter them at CC36.

Discussion about Barbies ensued.  For fun (and a new hobby), Google this: “how to modify a barbie on YouTube”.

Make aloha shirts – Jill wants people to make aloha shirts to enter them at CC36.

Convention Reports/Announcements:

NASFIC ‘17 – the “Masquerade” will be a party.  See

Costume-Con 36 will be held in San Diego, CA next year.  See

Costume-Con 37 will be held in Danvers, MA, 22-25 March 2019.  Aurora and Sharon are co-chairs.  They brought registration forms.  The hotel has an indoor waterpark.

Some of the highlights are:

  • there will be a One Pattern Contest
  • there will be a Future Fashion Folio
  • there will be a Future Fashion Show
  • there will be an SF & F Masquerade
  • there will be an Historical Masquerade
  • there will be a Dealers’ Room
  • there will contests, fan tables, and more…

Balticon happened.  Lisa went and had dinner instead of seeing the Masquerade.  There were lots of beautiful costumes in the hall.  She saw an awesome woman in full corset and on springy stilts.  OMG!

The Puerto Rico Comic-con happened at the same time as the NASFIC all staff meeting, last weekend.  Debi talked to some costumers on the streets and touched base with some of them and some vendors about coming to the NASFIC.

Show & Tell:

JoAnn’s is having a markdown wave on buttons.

Other things that have to do with Bollywood.

Today’s Workshop is talking about Bollywood, perhaps seeing a movie…

Next Meetings:

So far, a not-a-meeting will be a “Service Your Own Sewing Machine” workshop in Rochdale, MA.  Details in a separate notice.  This is set for July 30, 2017.  RSVP strongly requested.

August 19, 2017 at Allan Kent and Pat Vandenberg’s in Mendon.  The workshop will be needle felting and possibly watching another Bollywood movie.

Adjourned at 12:18 pm.


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