Notes from October 2017 meeting

Called to order at 11:20 am, Sunday, October 22, 2017, at Donald and Jill Eastlakes’ house in Milford, MA.


Ann Catelli, Donald Eastlake, Jill Eastlake, Lisa Hunt, Judy Mitchell, Mary Rogosky (new member), Nancy Shapiro, Susan Smith, and Pat Vandenberg.

Officer reports:

Treasurer – Susan Smith – got our report in, including through last March to present.

We received notice from the IRS that we’re a subsidiary to ICG.  Susan is learning QuickBooks and will be filing the required report to Jeanine soon.

Secretary – Jill Eastlake – someone reminded Arisia to update our website address, so it’s correct.

Our website committee (Jill, Sharon, Alexis) met on August 29.  We made a lot of changes and assigned priorities for each other.
Vice President – Jo Mary Orttung – not here.  No report.

President – Judy Mitchell – is getting very disheartened that every time something is sent from a meeting to be discussed on the list for more detailed work and for more input…. Nothing happens. This will be discussed in more detail throughout Old Business. Really and truly, folks, you are all part of this chapter; we want your input!

Reporting from the Board of Directors:

Nothing has been reported to the BoD from the Fairness Guidelines Revision
committee. Lately there has been limited discussion regarding creating more current/open communications – mostly considering a FB group and/or something like Slack. I stressed that if it was going to affect the general D list, it really ought to have their input, so it was posted but the response was very small. It has now gone to vote. No further discussion on the topic of what makes a chapter work.

Old Business:

A. Sale Table at Arisia – last meeting we thought of doing an auction if someone wants to run this for us.  This morphed in discussion to being a sales table in the hallway outside the Arisia Dealers’ Room where we can put stuff that members are willing to part with to sell on behalf of the Guild.  Lisa will be on point for the table.  Stuff should be brought to Pat and Allan’s December party to be swapped, priced, and made ready to be sold.

B. In the area of getting us known to the general public, little has been done.

C. Hall costumes at Arisia.  James would like us to hand out ribbons at Arisia.  He requested that we also take photos of the costumes to post during the convention.  Pat will email Alan Wexelblat (Arisia Comms) and Jane Winans (Arisia Photobooth) about accomplishing this without our having to do it personally.  Judy will look for the ribbons in her house (they are being eaten by her house).  If she can’t find them we’ll order more (at her cost, not the group’s).


D. Bollywood – Judy is getting really tired of crickets on the list and no discussion. Was a separate group set up? Is anything happening?? Jill points out that we’ve wasted a half year with no actual work.  Is anything happening?

E. We started brainstorming new ideas.  Susan will follow up

F. The December tea party changed to a fondue party on the 9th of December 1017 from 1 to 6pm.

a. Session 1. Cheeses
b. Session 2. Broths
c. Session 3. Chocolate and caramel.

Lisa will be borrowing a chocolate fountain.  Breaks between each section to prepare the stuff for our Arisia thing.

New Business:


Convention Reports/Announcements:

Sharon brought MIB and BEM ribbons from NASFiC.  Also other ribbons for CC37.

Jill gave out NASA stuff.

Judy went to Hobbit camp last month.  The color dying on her costume worked out well.  The camp is very costume-focused.  It’s held at Shaker Village in Kentucky.  Very simple work as well as elaborate ones there.

Donald and Jill went to Hogsmead and Daigon Alley a couple of weeks ago.  Jill wore her Gryffindor t-shirt.  Donald brought out bank notes from Gringott’s.

Costume-Con 36 will be held in San Diego, CA 11-14 May 2018.  See

Costume-Con 37 will be held in Danvers, MA, 22-25 March 2019.  Aurora and Sharon are co-chairs.  They brought registration forms.  The hotel has an indoor waterpark.  See

Some of the highlights are:
there will be a One Pattern Contest
there will be a Future Fashion Folio
there will be a Future Fashion Show
there will be an SF & F Masquerade
there will be an Historical Masquerade
there will be a Dealers’ Room
there will contests, fan tables, and more…

2018 Conventions of Interest from CC37 Marketing, ie Elizabeth

Arisia: Jan 12-15, attending
Boskone: Feb 16-18, day-trip for table
Anime Boston: Mar 30-1, day-trip for table
Costume-Con 36: May 11-14, attending
Connecticon: July 12-15, day-trip for table, poss multiple days
WorldCon: Aug 16-20, attending
Another Anime Con: hope to day-trip for table, pending dates
Boston ComiCon: hope to day-trip for table, pending dates

Show & Tell:

Susan finished her dragon.  Jill left while Susan showed something with spiders.

Judy finished her lamb.

Lisa brought an awesome piece of fabric in oriental blues and browns to make curtains in her newly acquired room with a Japanese theme.

Lisa also brought a piece of shiny multi-blue and white fabric.

Ann got 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and 2 thirds for her crocheted things in the Berlin Fair.  She also entered 5 things in the Durham Fair and won 6 ribbons for them.

Next Meetings:

There will be no November meeting.

The next meeting will be on December 9, 2017, a Saturday.  This is different than last reported.  The “meeting” will be from 1 to 6 pm at Pat Vandenberg and Allan Kent’s house in Mendon.  There will be a Fondue Party interspersed with a meeting and sorting, pricing, and sometimes swapping items to be sold at Arisia on our not-quite-a-fan-table.  If you have costuming stuff (patterns, fabric, notions, beads, tools…) that you are willing to part with, please bring them to the party.
There will be an open meeting at Arisia in January.  Time, Day, and Place to be announced.

Adjourned at 1:17pm.



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