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By Lisa Ashton The 12 Steps of Costuming Step 1 We admitted we were powerless over our addiction to costuming, that our lives and our closets and stashes had become […]

Costumes at the RSC 2014

A series of pictures taken by John Francini. From The Orphan of Zhao, 2012 production. Character: Zhao Dun. Designed by Niki Turner. “This robe is made from duchesse satin, and […]

lecture: THE HISTORY OF THE BOWLER HAT The lecture was held July 2; the article includes a transcript. And an audio recording. An icon long associated with the City of […]

Building Patterns, The Architecture of Women’s Clothing From the blurb: Building Patterns was written for new and experienced students in that it starts with tools and ends with creating garments. […]