The Association of Dress Historians International Conference

From the ADH website:

The Association of Dress Historians will host its annual New Research in Dress History Conference during 7-13 June 2021. Please join us for this special conference, which will feature 122 speakers across seven days, virtually via zoom. It will be a weeklong “festival” of dress history!

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Invisible Makers: Textiles, Dress, and Marginalized People in 18th- and 19th-Century America

A timely and relevant webinar on Saturday, April 10, hosted by Historic Deerfield:

Globalized manufacturing in the 21st century has stimulated a greater need to understand where, how, by whom, and under what conditions our clothing is made. In the past, the weaving of textiles and making of everyday clothing has largely been perceived as anonymous, most especially with regard to marginalized people living in white societies. Research into the efforts of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color to design, produce, acquire, and modify textiles and dress within the Anglo-European, North American framework has historically been difficult to quantify because of a paucity of surviving evidence as well as limited attempts both past and present to record and credit those efforts. This forum details contributions of often-overlooked populations in American society to the textile and clothing trades, and promises to enrich and deepen current conversations about fashion both past and present.

Join Historic Deerfield on April 10th to hear lectures from a dynamic roster of academic and museum professionals discussing examples of the important roles and contributions of BIPOC textile and clothing producers and consumers in the 18th and 19th centuries. Presented as case studies, the research includes textiles and clothing produced by forced labor within plantations; people of color working as tailors and dressmakers in Massachusetts; and marginalized people who fashioned their dressed bodies using Anglo-European garments in ways that both subverted normative styles while expressing “other” cultural identities.

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Once Upon a Time: FR2021 Costume Competition

The Foundations Revealed Competition 2021 entries are now up and ready to be viewed! Competition organizers want everyone to know that the competition is a celebration of creativity, courage, and perseverance, so please be supportive in your comments — this isn’t the venue for criticism, constructive or otherwise. Share the love of costuming! Join in the fun at

NoEL member entered FR2021 Costume Competition.

Update, April 9, 2021: Finalists and winners announced, including “Granny Weatherwax Goes to the Opera”. See all the entries, finalists, and wildcard prizes here: